Single source of truth for all your buyers' feedback

Track your brand sentiment on Amazon, Walmart, App Store and more channels.

Feedback Aggregation

Aggregate your buyers' feedback from hundreds of channels on a single platform.

Brand Sentiment

Generate one-page brand or product sentiment reports from Amazon, YouTube and 50+ channels.

Actionable Intelligence

Get actionable insights on your brand and products.



Track brand rankings, reviews & ratings, sentiment across 15m+ products, videos and other unstructured content on YouTube, Reddit, Amazon and more channels.



Predictive insights from customer feedback. Peek into what's driving your brand's sentiment on any channel.

Loved aesthetics, durability and quality of this product. I've used it for six months without any issues. My only complaint is customer support.

Design Durability Build Quality Customer Support


Engage with buyers under one solution on YouTube, Reddit, TrustPilot, Amazon Q&A and more feedback channels.


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